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Our Retail domain Competence Team comprises an amalgamation of highly experienced Project Managers, Analysts, Developers and Testers with strong Retail business experience. They have an impressive track record of on-time delivery of retail solutions, to suit ideally for any type and volume of Retail business.
Retailers looking to either quickly deploy a Retail application for their business or fetch a custom-made retail solution, can look forward to an agile and robust implementation with us.
  • Our clients can be rest assured of acquiring a suitable retail solution, for its sheer ease of use and data security, with minimal training need for existing or even newly recruited staff.
  • Retail solution designed by our experts can easily and quickly gel with the operations of any retail business. The solution is capable of providing its owner(s) a sense of successfully driving forward a one-man-show, with all business information at their finger tips.
  • Our solution design for the Retail business owners include an entire range of latest business ideas and techniques followed in an ideal modern-day Retail business.
  • Our clients can be certain about being equipped with a solution, generating nil-error data and information outputs for a fast-paced service business like retail.
  • Our Retail solution designs can drill down information from deep down the database, providing on-the-spot, and filtered reports of any magnitude to the retail manager.

We use a highly modular approach while designing and developing this system. It can be easily implemented across multiple retail chain stores quickly, unaffected by geographic boundaries. The effectiveness of such a Retail solution also lies in its flexibility to get integrated with third party applications such as Tally.

This flexibility is also extended to its ease of adaptability to a wide range of retail business hardware such as bar code readers, POS terminals and any type of upcoming technologies.

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