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We at AtSill possess the best of talents in the software domain for implementing ready, off-the-shelf, mission-critical applications for businesses of any volume.

Our Turnkey projects and applications are equipped with the capacity to seamlessly handle complex, voluminous business processes. All that our client requires is to switch on the application! You would have your own instant, automated business system running as per your specifications. Following are a few of our Turnkey solutions:
  • ERP: Complete business solutions for businesses of any complexity, customizable to any level of business operation.
  • HRMS: Although part of the ERP application, our HRMS solutions can be taken as specific, customizable and stand-alone application for all HR process needs of a business.
  • Insurance: This is one Turnkey application, that our experts have specialized experience in. The solution has the caliber to be adaptable to any type of insurance domain.
All our Turnkey solutions are designed and developed based on thorough domain research by industry experts. They hence have the caliber to easily gel with the business requirement, the moment they are turned on. The most significant aspect of all our Turnkey solutions is their indispensible quality that addresses all possible issues possibly arising out of the business process.
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